Data Science to Advance Solutions

Drive positive change within your health plan.
Use insightful data to gain the clarity needed to guide decision making and manage costs.

Let our team enrich your team.

With substantial expertise in data analytics and an unparalleled knowledge of the healthcare claims process, we help you focus on the data to manage health care costs, solve problems within your plan and answer lingering questions.

Gain new insights and understanding with our services:

Behavior Modeling

Your employees’ health and productivity are a top priority. Equipped with data intelligence, guide your employee population to more healthy and cost-effective behaviors.

Impact Analysis

Data insight and consulting to maximize the what-if scenario analysis of your healthcare spend and its impact on your most valued asset – your employees.

Payment Integrity


Data analysis and research to ensure payments are appropriate and valid with a focus on proactive solutions.

Anomaly Detection


Benchmarking and data modeling seek outliers by comparing your healthcare claims to customary standards.


Data provides the clarity that enables better decision making to prioritize high quality care, optimal results and accurate payments.

 Advanced Analytics and Data Intelligence Create Health Plan Solutions

How does Indigo Data Science support your team?

Using proprietary inferential analytical models, healthcare knowledge and industry expertise, we provide data consulting services that dig deeper to provide the intelligence needed to create health plan solutions unique to your employee population. We know the key to sound management of your healthcare costs lies in your claims data. 

You want to control costs while providing the best care for your employees.

We provide the visibility you need to achieve your goals. 

Data points in background.

Service Scope

Our services are client-specific and are not limited to certain industries. Healthcare is a universal need for companies of all types. We customize our consulting to your specific and unique needs.

We serve:

Private Industry

Public Entities


Pharmaceutical Companies